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by Bobby Smith
Sports Reporter Editor

AUGUST 28, 2021 -- Making it up as they go along, much like diabolical elected officials and bookmakers, the college football braintrust is allowing for repeat senior seasons in 2021. My first inkling is that the 2021 College Football season has a better chance to follow form of the prior season than usual, given that the typical amount of talent turnover has not taken place. Normally, according to a guy named Billy Connolly, the national average of returning production is about 62.6%. This season, he places that figure at 76.7%, with only 14 teams below the typical national average in returning production: (Western Kentucky, Georgia Southern Tennessee, Navy, Texas, South Carolina, Duke, Florida, Stanford, Alabama, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Northwestern, BYU.) Connelly once wrote for SB Nation. But now he works for ESPN, where he has a great chance to eventually be turned into the kind of guy you want to avoid. Let’s hope not, and that he’ll be an exception to the rule. ... Fifteen teams are returning between 91% and 97% of last year’s production, according to Connelly. (Last season, 84% was the highest returning production percentage, shared by Northwestern and Georgia Tech. The 15 teams are: Toledo, Wyoming, Louisiana-Lafayette, Arizona State, Florida Atlantic, Nevada, UCLA, Hawaii, Central Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Rutgers, Georgia State, Miami-FL, Texas-San Antonio and East Carolina. No real powerhouses there, eh? My first reaction to that, however, is that the best seniors on stronger programs went to the NFL rather than buy an extra season of collegiate scholarship ball. MORE
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