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We were happy to close out the 2023 NFL playoffs with winning RECOMMENDED selections on Detroit -6.5 over Tampa Bay in the NFC Divisional Round, Detroit +7 and Over in the NFC Championship Game, and Kansas City +2 in the Super Bowl. Thanks to all readers for having
being with us for another fun and profitable season of football forecasting. We will work hard to do even better in 2024!

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sportsbook balance on over-exposed sides! In short, no hidden conflicts of interest that have multiplied with the advances made in state-by-state acceptance of sports wagering, and the emergence of large, publicly held companies that have entered the online sportsbook business with
millions of dollars in marketing and promotional budgets that are aimed at creating and maintaining customers whose money they’re in business to take by hook or by crook.
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by Bobby Smith
Sports Reporter Editor

FEBRUARY, 2024 -- SUPER BOWL RECAP: Once again, the Kansas City Chiefs were not, as sportswriters, for some strange reason, like to say: The team that nobody wants to play in the post-season. LOL! I get such as kick out of the fact that the teams who win Super Bowls are
never: The team that nobody wants to face! Sportswriters can be lame-brained parrots. So, the Super Bowl pretty much went the way we/I expected it to go. In all honesty, if that game was played in the regular season along with 12-15 others on the weekly card, both teams needed
it, and were healthy, do you think we select one side or the other as a BEST BET or RECOMMENDED selection? Well, Ha-ha! I guess we will never know, will we? But it figured as a one-score game with the outcome in doubt until the very end, which is what it was. We also figured
that Patrick Mahomes would get all the credit for a win that was engineered by the Chiefs defense, and offensive line, and coaches. If the 49ers had won, their defense, their offensive line, their coaches, would have been the main reasons. Both defenses made things very difficult
for the respective sets offensive skill talents, including both quarterbacks. For a majority of the game, Mahomes and Brock Purdy looked more uncomfortable than in control. Because they were made to be uncomfortable. Because defense gets played and coached. It is called
Football. It is not called Quarterback, which is only one position out of 22. MORE
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