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by Bobby Smith
Sports Reporter Editor

DECEMBER, 2020 -- After listening to sportscasting sycophant Jim Nantz slobber all over Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady for three-plus hours late Sunday afternoon as if they were the only players on the field that mattered (Can’t he hear himself?), and hearing him lament about how it ‘may be the last time!’ that Mahomes has a chance to play against Brady (Guess what, Jim? He’s never played against Brady, never will!), I was enjoying Green Bay’s thrashing of Chicago in the Sunday night NBC game. Aware of how Chicago had the heaviest pass-percentage play ratio in the NFL (only 32.8% runs), and how very bad it is for a team with a very good defense, that plays in a cold-weather city, to be sporting a trait like that, it stood to reason that playing against the Packers on the road would produce an early deficit of 3-27 for the Bears, a happy Green Bay margin that eventually withstood garbage time and lazy defense by the leading favorite (something that seems to be becoming rarer in football these days). Offensive-minded head coaches who call their own plays can be really difficult to put up with. They are usually the worst coaches in sports, standing there with their heads up their play charts. MORE
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