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by Bobby Smith
Sports Reporter Editor

JANUARY, 2020 -- I knew the Chiefs would win and cover against the Titans just prior to kickoff of the AFC Championship Game, when Tony Romo said - Jiiiiiiim, I really, really, think this is going to be a close game! - I really, really knew the Chiefs would win and cover when they trailed 0-10 in the first quarter and I imagined some of our readers, the small minority of them, of course, thinking - Ha, those a-holes already got this one wrong! - Here is the annual Super Bowl warning: It is one game, and should not be treated as if it is worth ten games. We enjoy publishing our forecast fast and first, to avoid the possibility of being influenced by all the opinions and over-analysis. Personally, after this issue is released, I tune out all Super Bowl coverage for 13 days until 6:30 pm, ET on Feb. 2. I will not watch the halftime show either, unless they are doing dogs chasing Frisbees, which is probably not on the card. What they should really do at halftime is show the Orange Bowl/blimp scenes from the 1977 movie Black Sunday on the stadium big screen, and scare the crap out of the people in the stands.

They are already writing stories about how and why the new NFL head coaches will surely be improving the teams that hired them. I enjoyed reading an article about the Dallas Cowboys and Mike McCarthy, the ex-Packers head coach who the Jones Family hired after great hubbub over Jason Garrett. As often happens in these times, McCarthy had just made news by doing nothing - in this case retaining Dallas offensive coordinator Kellen Moore and re-iterating that he, McCarthy, would not be the play-caller like he was in Green Bay. Moore will retain those duties for the Cowboys. Moore is 31 years old, which puts him on the list of Great, Young Offensive Minds in the NFL. It used to be that only Norv Turner had a Great Offensive Mind, remember? Although I think in his case it was actually Incredible Offensive Mind. But I digress. MORE

NFL picks
NFL picks
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