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by Bobby Smith
Sports Reporter Editor

OCTOBER, 2017 -- The NFL Week 6 Monday Night game is one of those AFC South intra-divisional encounters that snarky fans and snarky sportswriters like to make fun of, for whatever reason. It’s the NFL. The AFC South is a division. It has four teams in it. They play games. They’re all trying to win the division. Some day, one of them hopes to have a record good enough to qualify for a Wild Card. What’s the big deal? AFC South jokes are worse than saying 'oh, a baseball score!' when the score of a football game is 8-3 or 6-2 at any given juncture.

The Indianapolis Colts have taken a lot of grief for however they’ve handled the Andrew Luck situation after their star quarterback had shoulder surgery in the winter. Whatever. I’m sure Joe Sportswriter would have done the absolute correct thing, would have whipped out his manual on how to handle just such a situation, had he, and not some other guys and/or women, been in charge of making these decisions and communicating them for Indianapolis Colts. MORE
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NFL picks
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