4-Star Florida State romp highlighted College Hoops Saturday!
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MARCH MADNESS is just around the corner after this short month of February! Sports Reporter football issues have ceased for the next six-and-a-half months. The BASKETBALL BRIEF is still going strong daily and will be joined by BASEBALL coverage in April. But for the next seven weeks, we're all about hoops here. NBA and College Basketball BEST BET and/or RECOMMENDED picks are found daily in the BASKETBALL BRIEF, our online-only publication refreshed daily for Web members.

By the way, who else thinks that the Super Bowl result was a nice choke job by the Carolina Panthers, who got away from their strength, the running attack, way too early? They could have run, avoided false-start penalties and sack/fumbles, and if even if they didn't get as far as they wished, punted, stopped Denver easily, and eventually been in a 3-3 ballgame in the fourth quarter with Denver's defense worn down and ready to fall apart! But no, they played right into Denver's hands by panicking and passing early and often. Football offensive coordinators are the worst. Ahhhhh...Oh, well, whaddya' gonna do? Play basketball!

by Bobby Smith
Sports Reporter Editor

JANUARY 28, 2016 -- There was a Best Bet in the NFL this past Sunday, but it wasn’t the one we highlighted and projected. It was Carolina, over Arizona! Our supposed Best Bet, Denver, +3 over New England, was a pet situation that we try to hold fast to. If a home underdog has a better defense than the road favorite, we’re going to either be on it, or avoid the game. Denver, like a home dog with the better defense is supposed to do, made lots of stops. Yet the outcome was in doubt until the almost the final play. If overtime had occurred, Denver could have lost by 3 and pushed (maybe won for some 3.5 people), or lost by 6 and lost. But, the game ended in regulation and they won without needing the points. Yay, good for us, but a Best Bet is not supposed to register highly on the stress meter. The other game, the Cardinals at Panthers, was over before halftime, even though weird comebacks are all the rage in football these days. Here’s something funny: I was at a wedding at 3 pm on Sunday; the reception hall didn’t have a television. I don’t have an I-phone. I don’t text. Texting is for… people who think idiot Twitter is useful, I guess. I’m a proud old coot who refuses to tweet and text. One is a useless waste of energy and a source of overrated information, the other is rude. Anyway, my 19-year-old third cousin at the kids’ table was my go-to source for game updates. When the game started, I asked him who he liked, and the first thing he said was, “Defense wins championships! I love Denver!” All week, nobody I’d asked had told me they liked Denver. Two minutes before kickoff, a 19-year-old kid parrots my mantra. Smart boy. Not watching the game instantly made it the best game I ever watched, because I never had to hear a single word that Jim Nantz, Phil Simms, a sideline reporter, or that clown ‘rules interpreter’ from the NFL office said! With the Best Bet win on Denver, our Sports Reporter weekly closed the season with 70% wins vs. the spread on NFL Best Bets. Go ahead and look it up. The NFL Recommended picks were 60% wins. MORE
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