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NFL Week 4
NEW YORK JETS vs. MIAMI (at London, England)

There are some jolly good reasons why one of these teams should be BEST BET against the other, and you can read them in this week’s issue of Sports Reporter, which was posted on Tuesday morning like it is every football week! The Dolphins are 0-1 in AFC East play after being drubbed 41-14 by the Buffalo Bills in front of the stunned Miami crowd – a BEST BET winner from last week’s issue of Sports Reporter, by the way. After stinking up the joint for their season-paying customers, perhaps it’s a good thing that Miami gets to play in front of neutral observers for this 'home' game? Same could be true for the Jets, who trailed 24-0 in front of their perpetually miserable fans, who’d been lulled into a seriously false sense of superiority by a Gang Green (Ugh!, what a name!) 20-7 Monday Night road win at the Colts.

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by Bobby Smith
Sports Reporter Editor

SEPTEMBER 15, 2015 -- I turned on the TV for Utah State at Utah on Friday night hoping to watch a decent football telecast and was instantly reminded that there aren’t many anymore. Within seconds, there was rapid-fire nuisance:

1) I heard Mack Brown’s voice as color commentator.

2) A very unfortunate defensive back on Utah State was ejected from the game for throwing a simple, fundamentally sound cross body-block tackle at a receiver, aiming for his mid-section, but hitting his helmet to the receiver’s helmet because the receiver’s body started falling towards the ground after the defensive back had committed.

3) On the next play, the Utah quarterback was awarded a touchdown despite his feet never getting into the end zone. The ball “broke the plane of the goal line” five feet off the ground as he ran out of bounds.

4) Despite no real touchdown, on a play set up by no penalty that was called a penalty, Mack Brown said, “Very impressive drive by Utah.” D-oh!

Click! I can’t watch this crap. I’ll try again tomorrow. Nobody could leave Utah State at Utah and switch to Miami-FL at Florida Atlantic, because the Miami-FL at FAU game was delayed. Oh, of course! The newest rage in football! The weather delay! Geez, when I was a kid I remember watching the Eagles and Lions playing in a giant bowl of mud on Thanksgiving Day. MORE
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