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by Bobby Smith
Sports Reporter Editor

I want to add to something mentioned on page 1 last week, about ‘touchdown’ not being a touchdown because all a football player needs to do is ‘break the imaginary plane.’ Some people might have seen that as an amusing little rant. But this rule has the effect of teaching players that they don’t have to actually get into the end zone to score their points. Which is what the receiver on Utah had done – or in this case hadn’t done – against Oregon a few days earlier. You probably saw the play. Utah – playing ho’me and already leading the #4 team in the nation 7-0 – connected on a long pass and the kid had nothing but air between himself and the goal line. An easy 14-0 lead, but no! ‘Hey, look at me, I’m a big-time college receiver with the ball and in the clear, baby. I’ll just drop that ball on the 1-yard-line because what the heck, I got this, why finish it off when I don’t really have to and everyone knows I’m the greatest? Let’s start the celebration. That’s really what it’s all about!’ MORE
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